Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser with Bluetooth®

The Anton Sprint eVo flue gas analyser builds on the reputation of the tried and tested Sprint V series.

New features include; a smaller ergonomic design, over moulded case protection, enhanced software, simultaneous flow and return temperatures and a high contrast display

The Anton Sprint Evo 3 features the patent pending FreeVo flue probe with its unique moisture extraction system and Bluetooth® communications.

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  • Features:
    • Ergonomic design with over moulded protection
    • Simple to use, intuitive menu driven software
    • Timed CO build up tests (BS 7967)
    • Flow and return temperature with printout
    • Timed let by/tightness test
    • Draught/differential pressure measurement with timer
    • Operating/working pressure report
    • Easy log for 200 readings or instant print with optional thermal printer
    • Personalised printouts with traceability and engineer/customer signature column
    • Bluetooth® communications
    • High contrast, temperature compensated display screen
    • Accurately measures:
    • Calculates:
    • Multi-fuel:
      • Natural gas
      • LPG
      • Light & heavy oil
      • Coal
      • Wood
      • Coke
      • Biomass
      • Bagasse
      • Wood pellet (dry)
    • Calibration:
      • Supplied complete with a full 12 month calibration certificate issued in the buyers name
    • Calibration and service:
      • The Anton Sprint eVo 3 is subject to a fixed price annual calibration and service charge of £118.80 when regularly maintained by JMW Limited, an Anton authorised service centre

  • New Android App:
    • Instant personalised FGA reports created on-site
    • Email reports to customer whilst on-site
    • Customer database with annual service reminders
    • Gas rate, pipe size and energy conversion calculators
    • All customer details securely stored on your device
    • Click here ... to download the free Sprint Mobile Android App
Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser - Features Standard
 LD  Kit 1 Kit 2 Kit 3
Anton Sprint eVo 3 Bluetooth® flue gas analyser
Over moulded protection with integral magnets
  FreeVo flue probe with moisture extraction system
Mains adaptor/charger
Large padded laptop style carry case
Spare filter
Pressure connection hose (2)
A5 quick start guide
PC communication software
Full 12 month calibration certificate
Sprinter infra-red linked thermal printer    
Heavy duty pipe clamp temperature probes (2)    
Pressure relief valve    
Gas leak detection probe    
BS7967 CO probe set        
JMW Part No. 3851-(then add) 001 002 003 004 007
Manufacturer's List Price £658.80 £718.80 £778.80 £838.80 £898.80
 JMW's special offer price £592.80 £646.80 £700.80 £754.80 £808.80

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3851-001 Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser standard unit with calibration certificate £592.80
3851-002 Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser with gas leak detector and calibration certificate £646.80
3851-003 Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser kit 1 with printer & calibration certificate £700.80
3851-004 Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser kit 2 with printer, gas leak detector & cal cert £754.80
3851-007 Anton Sprint eVo 3 flue gas analyser kit 3 + printer, leak detector, CO probe set & cal cert £808.80