Honeywell Signalpoint gas detection sensors

NOTE: The Zareba Signalpoint range will not be available to order after April 30th, 2017. Spare parts and consumables will be available until April 30th, 2022.

Signalpoint is a self-contained gas sensor system for either combustible or toxic gases. It consists of a sensor with integral junction box and cable entry, designed to make installation simple and maintenance minimal.

Signalpoint is constructed in rugged plastic material and has an IP54 (Ingress Protection) approval. The unit is particularly suited for indoor industrial applications.

Signalpoint Combustible is certified to the latest European ATEX safety and performance standards for the detection of combustible gases in potentially explosive atmospheres. It uses well proven, reliable catalytic beads with a typical lifetime of 5 years. Switch out to new sensors is easily achieved by exchange of the Signalpoint Combustible lid.

Signalpoint Toxic is an uncertified product designed for the protection of personnel from toxic hazards and oxygen deficiency. Signalpoint Toxic incorporates local visual indication of status; operational, first level and second level of alarm. Detection is via electrochemical cell technology and maintenance is minimised by easy exchange of the sensing elements.

Signalpoint from Honeywell Analytics (manufacturers of toxic and flammable gas detection systems under the Sieger and Zareba brands) can be used with a choice of controllers such as the Honeywell Zareba Unipoint, or operated from a customerĀ“s own existing system due to the use of industry standard outputs.

The Signalpoint design concept means simple installation, minimum maintenance and spares requirements and years of reliable, trouble-free operation.

Note: Sensepoint flammable is preconfigured for 0-100% LEL methane. Contact the sales office for other flammable gas configurations.

For all weather, IP65 rated gas sensors, the Honeywell Sensepoint and Sensepoint XCD ranges are available.
  • Features:
    • Local LED indication of status and alarm
    • Easy visual recognition of hazard
    • Integral junction box with IP54 approval
    • For indoor non-aggressive environments
    • Electrochemical cell sensing technology
    • Easy maintenance
    • Proven, fast and reliable
    • Exchangeable electrochemical cells
Replacement gas sensors available. Contact the sales office quoting part number:
3309-001 %LEL flammable gas (2106B1130)
3309-002 ppm hydrogen sulphide (2106B1549)
3309-003 ppm carbon monoxide (2106B1548)
3309-004 ppm chlorine (2106B1547)
3309-005 0-50ppm ammonia (2106B1596)
3309-006 0-1000ppm ammonia (2106B1595)
3309-007 %VOL oxygen (2106B1545)

Honeywell Signalpoint gas detection sensors datasheet Signalpoint
Honeywell Zareba Signalpoint gas detection controller user manual Signalpoint
user manual
Buy Honeywell Signalpoint gas detection sensors now, Tel: 01279 307100
3120-001 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-100% LEL flammable (methane) gas sensor (2106B1100) £201.60
3120-002 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-20ppm hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas sensor (2106B1300) £302.40
3120-003 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-50ppm hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas sensor (2106B1301) £302.40
3120-004 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-100ppm hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas sensor (2106B1302) £302.40
3120-005 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-100ppm carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensor(2106B1305) £302.40
3120-006 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-200ppm carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensor (2106B1306) £302.40
3120-007 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-500ppm carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensor (2106B1307) £302.40
3120-008 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-5ppm chlorine (CL2) gas sensor (2106B1310) £414.00
3120-009 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-15ppm chlorine (CL2) gas sensor (2106B1311) £414.00
3120-010 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-50ppm ammonia (NH3) gas sensor (2106B1313) £393.60
3120-011 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-1000ppm ammonia (NH3) gas sensor (2106B1314) £452.40
3120-012 Honeywell Signalpoint 0-25%v/v oxygen (O2) gas sensor (2106B1316) £302.40