Kane 14102/2 carry case for the 900 series flue gas analysers

Carry case for Kane 900 series flue gas analysers.
Padded and compartmentalised to store and protect the analyser, printer and accessories.
Complete with handle and shoulder strap for convenience.

This larger of the two Kane carry cases designed for use with the 900 series flue gas analysers is also ideal for use with Kane oil and CPA1 kits being large enough to house all of the additional accessories.

  • Compatible with the following flue gas analysers:
    • Kane 250 oil kit
    • Kane 255 oil kit
    • Kane 455 CPA1 kit
    • Kane 455 oil kit
    • Kane 456 CPA1 kit
    • Kane 456 oil kit
    • Kane 457 flue gas and domestic atmosphere analyser CPA1 kit
    • Kane 900 plus
    • Kane 940

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2120-001 Kane 14102/2 carry bag for the 900 series flue gas analysers £30.00
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