Kane pressure relief device PRD1

The Kane gas pressure relief device is designed to simplify let by and tightness testing by enabling the engineer to get the desired gas pressure on their U gauge / pressure meter without having to keep pulling off the hose and making repeated adjustments.
This low cost, time saving accessory simplifies the let by and tightness testing process.
  • Compatible with the following Kane instruments:
    • Kane 3500 digital pressure meter
    • Kane 425 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 450 flue gas analyser
    • Kane 451 Plus flue gas analyser
    • Kane 455 flue gas analysers
    • Kane 456 flue gas analysers
    • Kane 457 flue gas and domestic atmosphere analyser
    • In reality this device may be used with ANY flue gas analyser!

Buy the Kane PRD1 pressure relief device now, Tel: 01279 307100
3705-001 Kane PRD1 pressure relief device £24.00
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